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Your content : more strategic than ever.
Pilot is designed to meet the challenges shared by marketing teams: to stop wasting time and focus on what's important.
Lost versions to validate? Repeated editorial meetings? Sounds familiar? Here's how Pilot will optimize your content strategy.
  • Shorter project times

    Centralizing and making available the information needed to carry out a marketing campaign allows to shorten its development time

  • Exchanges in context

    Discuss as a team directly in the context of a document or project, don't lose important decisions

  • Share your files with no file size limit

    No size limit - make large files available for your webmasters, designers, video editors

  • Get your documents approved in one click

    Share your documents or projects in one click, your contacts can validate directly from their mobile phones


Constantly evolving, depending on users feedbacks


Marketing campaign, website redesign, internal magazine, whatever the project is, you can centralize all the information needed by the team that will carry it out and deploy it

  • Share your files

    Write down in one place all the important elements like the brief, attach press kits or high definition videos, all of which can be used by the people in charge of the production.

  • Optimize your budgets

    Do you manage recurring campaigns? Don't re-produce (and re-pay) the same content every year. Click "duplicate", adapt, done.

Collaborative editing

Create documents with several people, have them validated with one click

  • You don't have to look for the latest version, it's right here.

    Minor versions, major versions, all are stored from the first modification to the most recent. Browse the full history of a document, analyze the changes.

  • Build your content templates

    Frame your contributors' production with forms specially adapted to your constraints (cms, mobile application): character limits, email, repeatable fields ... You can even create forms with versionable and annotable PDFs (useful for magazine validation)

  • Zero version conflicts

    Collaborate with others, at the same time, on the same document. No more version conflicts, no more stepping on each other's toes.


Assign tasks to your content or projects, for yourself or other team members.

  • Don't miss a publication date again.

    Set reminders, like in Google Calendar, for the most important tasks related to your content (publish, validate, send to printer, set to Buffer)

  • A global view of the activity.

    At a glance, identify bottlenecks that will penalize the team or when a specific target is overburdened on multiple channels.


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  • unlimited Users

  • 3 projects

  • 100 contents

  • 10G storage files

30 days free - no credit card required.

199 /month


  • unlimited Users

  • 15 projects

  • 300 contents

  • 30G storage files

30 days free - no credit card required.

1199 /month


  • unlimited Users

  • unlimited Projects

  • unlimited content

  • 1To storage files

  • Priority access to support

  • Unlimited document versions and archives Language management & translations All upcoming features

30 days free - no credit card required.

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