Version 3.10 : Twitter thread, PDF and Ms Office document reader, team management .. 🚚 πŸ“¦

Here are the list of new features:

Twitter thread

When you want to create a tweet thread you can now do it in a single item instead of having to create several items.

An admin must first configure a Tweet field as “repeatable” in a content form.

PDF reader and MS office documents

PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint files are now fully readable on the detail view of an asset. No need to download them to consult them.

Project interface

We have simplified the interface of a project by making it faster to modify elements (dates, persons in charge, etc.)

We have also, for the sake of simplicity, merged the colours and labels (not very clear in their use) into a single entity called “category”.

The category now has a name and a color. This color is used to display the project in the calendar.

Label management (for admins)

You will discover in the admin menu a new “labels” entry that brings together the notion of tags or labels.

A label is a global name for an element that allows objects (contents, projects,…) to be labelled to indicate information (classification, priority,…)

For projects these labels are called “categories” or “priorities” and for content “tags”.

The aim is first of all to simplify this management and, later this year, to allow you to create your own labels and assign them where you want to organize your processes.

They are listed here

Team management (for admins)

You can now create teams and assign users to them (on the user management interface)

For the moment teams can only be notified in comments. If you create a “legal” team a notification email will be sent to each team member with the mention “@legal” in a comment.

Other features will be attached to this team concept in the near future. Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes.

Notification management

You can disable all notifications for all actions. Nothing is mandatory anymore. In case you get too many.