Version 3.9: Project copy, list actions,...

You can now copy a project in one click, manage your notifications easily, be notified when content enters or exits your filters,…

Here are the list of new features:

Simplification of the content list interface To simplify the interface we have deleted the “Suggested” tab and replaced it with a workflow status (“Suggested”) that is placed before “Draft”. If you don’t need it, just delete this status (you need admin rights). If you need a “Suggested” tab, you just need to create a filter with this workflow status.

This part of the application (external forms to collect content) was not used and posed many problems (maintenance, unnecessary complexity of the interface for newcomers). Its removal brings simplicity back.

I would like to stress that we have not deleted the designation of content as “suggested” since it is now a workflow status.


  • A new interface allows you to manage all your notifications simply (and disable email alerts)

Saved filters:

  • Exporting the contents of a filter to Excel format
  • Notifications of content “movements” (input/output/modification)


  • Ability to copy a project in one click
  • Adding files linked by drag&drop and immediate upload (easier, more convenient)


  • In list view you can now select several contents and delete them or modify certain properties (project, manager, channel,…)
  • In detail view you can add files more easily by drag&drop in the “Linked files” panel (upload starts immediately)
  • You can directly modify the title of the uploaded files without going through their detail view.

Reference documents:

  • You can add reference documents directly from the list