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Manage content production projects, tasks, documents versions and editorial calendars. In one place.

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Immediate benefits

  • Track and manage content production in one place
  • Everyone always up to date with the right information.
  • No more Excels Editorial Planning Spreadsheets
  • You know what is done, by whom and when
  • The lifecycle of a project is shorter

One unique source document - Save time

Don't waste time looking for the latest version of a document already named article_V12_ValideFinal.docx.

Gone are the 1 to 1 email exchanges, the inaccessible shared servers and the multiple versions scattered in mailboxes.

The team can concentrate on its added value and you save valuable time.

Break silos, share infos

Centralize all your productions in one place and accessible to all.

Don't waste hours repeating the same information about a project from meetings to meetings.

No more silos, no more opacity, share your information. The whole production finally becomes visible on all your channels.

Validate your strategy, optimize your budget

Gathering the entire content inventory in a single place allows you to precisely manage your activity. You will quickly know what was done, on what subject and when. You can ensure alignment with a business or HR strategy, channel by channel, target by target.

Accumulated over the years your productions can be reused, re-studied in order to optimize your budgets. Or simply by avoiding producing identical content from one service to another.



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Easily create editorial or task calendars, save, share custom calendars with your customers. Change your publication programming simply by drag&drop


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Annotate your documents precisely and start conversations without wasting time. Team members will be notified with a link leading directly to the document and annotation.


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Define all the channels addressed by your organization, reproduce the sitemaps of your sites, structure your distribution.


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Discuss and challenge team members on each document or project. Centralize discussions and decisions. Keep the history of the evolution of your content.


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Write your documents directly online. All stakeholders access the same interface and can instantly have the latest updated version of the document.


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Organize your content into projects, assign managers, prioritize. Note in one place all the important elements such as the brief, attach press kits or high definition videos, as many elements that can be used by those in charge of production


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Assign tasks to your content, for yourself or other team members and find in a single calendar all deadlines for delivery to the printer


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We keep all versions of all documents. Quickly analyze differences between versions, restore old versions or find out who made this typo and when.


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Define your workflow statuses and assign them to your content throughout the production process. With advanced filters filter the list according to the statuses that concern you



5 projects
100 documents
10G storage
No advanced features
No support
10 projects
300 documents
30G storage
No advanced features
Email support
Unlimited projects
Unlimited documents
1 To storage
Advanced features
Support in app or email
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