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Pilot makes it easier and more enjoyable to plan and produce content with your teams, wherever they are.

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We help these teams (sometimes since 2013) to save time in the production of content for their website redesigns, marketing campaigns or social media presence.

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What we bring you

More time, more serenity, more structure.

An editorial project management tool is designed to centralise information, organise tasks, and respond quickly and accurately to questions that are repeated tirelessly throughout the day. The rest is up to you.

Centralise information to save time

Provide all the information you need to carry out your marketing campaign. Do not multiply meetings.

Don't waste time searching mailboxes, don't lose anything: complete version history

Track each version of each document in each project. We keep everything, you lose nothing and in a second you have access to the latest version.

An editorial workflow to guide the team!

Give your processes a backbone to speed up production and free the team's mental workload.

Validations in record time!

Your contacts come and validate directly on the latest updated version, can see what other validators are modifying: no more conflicts, no more debates


Because we know you won't take our word for it.

"We feel that Pilot has been developed with the desire to meet the needs of users, it corresponds to the real problems linked to the communication professions.
The tool makes the process of circulating information and content more fluid by creating a virtuous circle.
As a result, we have an overall vision of our communication and relational contact plan."
"Content managers easily save 50% of production and validation time."

Features chosen with patience.

Simplicity guarantees excellent adoption of the tool within your team and little or no training time.

Projects: all information in one place 📂

Design your marketing campaign or website redesign and record all the information in one place.
Don’t repeat the same things from meeting to meeting.

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Collaborative writing and insanely fast validation

Do you know the problem with Word documents that circulate from mailbox to mailbox?
With the 4 people who validate it who will send you back their versions that you will have to merge?
This problem does not exist with us.
Bye bye article-ok-v12-validmarket-last.docx!

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Workflow: guide the team 🗺️

Simply design a clear process that is adapted to your context.
Write down in one place one vital piece of information: what needs to be done to go from draft to “ready to publish”

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