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How does Harmonie Mutuelle optimise its editorial strategy with Pilot?

Sabine Rebitzer, in charge of content development at Harmonie Mutuelle

Harmonie Mutuelle is part of the VYV Group, which will be the largest network of mutual health insurance companies in France by 2020. Harmonie Mutuelle has 4.7 million customers and nearly 5,000 employees.

In its desire to be as close as possible to its members and to preserve a society of solidarity, the company has made content the focus of its editorial strategy.
They carry its new brand positioning, express its struggles, enhance its service offer and demonstrate its differentiation.

For 5 years, the use of Pilot has guaranteed the coordination and optimisation of content, from its creation to its online release.

The challenges of content production at Harmonie Mutuelle

The production of content is a strategic issue: it is therefore necessary to ensure cohesion in the way messages are disseminated and to organise all communication flows.

Sabine Rebitzer, in charge of content promotion at Harmonie Mutuelle, orchestrates the distribution of information from the regions and from the various departments of Harmonie Mutuelle.

The main objectives? Multi-site publication of content on social networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, with a combined total of nearly 70,000 subscribers) and on Harmonie Mutuelle’s websites.

In addition, there are issues related to e-reputation, commercial communication, the employer brand, sponsored events (e.g. the Paris half-marathon), etc.

Logically, this represents an enormous amount of content: social networks are notably fed daily, even several times a day.

From Excel files to a collaborative content management tool

Five years ago, Harmonie Mutuelle already published a significant amount of content. At the time, Sabine managed content editorial boards.

These committees were an opportunity to exchange with the company’s various departments (marketing, communication, the Harmonie Mutuelle Foundation, etc.) and with the regions on the content strategy but also on the information to be disseminated for the coming month.

These communications were listed and detailed in an Excel file, which had to be constantly updated. This Excel file was supplemented by editorial sheets.

" Every month, we exchanged around these contents and so we had to update this Excel file, and when we had finished, we had to start again for the next month! It was becoming unmanageable. "

Sabine Rebitzer
Sabine Rebitzer harmonie mutuelle

The need to migrate to a tool specifically dedicated to the business issues related to content production quickly became unavoidable.

Content management, the circulation of different versions of the same document, team meetings, emails… All this was time-consuming. This organisation could and should have been thought of differently!

So in 2015 Harmonie Mutuelle started using the Pilot.pm solution.
Initially, the tool was intended for digital content only. Then, little by little, Harmonie Mutuelle widened the scope and Pilot became the central tool of the communication strategy.

Harmonie Mutuelle has also moved towards a package that allows an unlimited number of users to be created.

" Pilot has become a central tool in our content strategy. "

Sabine Rebitzer
Sabine Rebitzer harmonie mutuelle

Centralised coordination of content

The collaborative aspect of Pilot has enabled Harmonie Mutuelle to spacer and redirect content committee meetings. The tool ensures better coordination throughout the entire workflow: from the production of content to its online publication.

A virtuous circle is thus generated: the team completes the content base, updates it regularly and reuses part of the content. The time saved is considerable when it comes to updating the elements published each year in the context of partnerships, for example.

**The exchange of unnecessary e-mails has also **decreased**, which avoids information overload and possible errors. Everything about the content is in one place. Team members can then insert their comments and work simultaneously on the same document.

" The usefulness of Pilot is widely understood when you see how much you can manage in terms of volume, especially on social networks, where editorial activity is intense. "

Sabine Rebitzer
Sabine Rebitzer mutual harmony

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