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Why did Primagaz centralise its content production?

Chloé Larmignat, Responsable des contenus et des médias sociaux chez Primagaz France

Primagaz, a propane gas distributor, has chosen to use Pilot to centralise the production and management of its digital content for the past year and a half.
Chloé Larmignat is Content and Social Media Manager, she works on the digital division, mainly with the marketing and communication teams.
She explains why the use of a collaborative content management tool has become essential.

Hello Chloé, can you introduce yourself?

I’m Chloé Larmignat, I’ve been working at Primagaz for three years as Content and Social Media Manager, so I’m in charge of everything that will be related to content, particularly on the various digital channels.

In what context do you use Pilot?

My team and I are responsible for a lot of channels (website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, emails…) that need to be animated and for which we produce content. To do this we work both with several internal teams and with external service providers.

Currently, we use Pilot for external digital channels, but in the long term we would like to use it for the print part, as well as for more “internal” subjects.

There are about twenty of us who have an account on the tool, including 7 people who use it on a daily basis.

How did it go before?

When I arrived, there was no existing platform. So the problem was quite classic for a company that produces content: having to work on Word documents that become attachments in lost emails or files in a network folder that not everyone has access to, with dozens of versions of the same document scattered everywhere, etc. So we no longer know which version is the right one, which one has been validated by the legal department … The risk is to lose credibility. For example, when you know that an article already exists on a subject, but you have to rewrite it because you can’t find it… It’s a huge waste of time and energy.

So the aim was to set up a structured process.

What were your challenges?

Our main challenges were to save time and break down the silos between the teams sources of content: marketing, sustainable development, sales, customer relations, technical team, etc… who come to review and give their opinion on what we produce.

We also needed to have a single place to write our content, including when it is produced in collaboration with our external service providers.

In short: to foster a collaborative spirit!

How did the search for a solution go?

We carried out a benchmark of different management platforms, some of which were already in use internally, and in the end it was Pilot that came out.

You shouldn’t choose a project management platform when you want to focus on content because managing teams and projects or managing content are two very different processes.

With Pilot, we have everything we need: we follow the content, but also the tasks related to production and the teams involved. That’s what makes the difference.

We’ve been using the tool in our teams for a year and a half now.

How does Pilot help you in your content production?

In terms of organisation, we have created a workflow adapted to our needs. For example, we have set up a status that allows us to monitor our media content, those that need legal validation, etc…

In terms of searching for information, time is halved. On the one hand, we have Pilot and its search bar and filters, on the other hand we had the search “by hand”, where we had to look in e-mails, folders, archives etc… Content managers easily save 50% of production and validation time.

If you had to sum up your overall experience with the tool, what would you say?

Some platforms have an infinite number of parameters, and in the end no one uses them in the same way and they end up being abandoned. What I like about Pilot, is that every feature makes sense. Special mention for the search and filter function. This makes it easier for the platform to be accepted internally, because the hardest part is change management when you drastically change the way a team works!