Pilot version 4.3 (Dec. 2020)

On the menu of this new version: Organize your information for the team thanks to the wiki and manage your sites with a new Hierarchical view ...

A wiki for information to share with the team

To be able to share important information with your team there was no adequate functionality until now.

So we created a wiki that will allow you to record reference rules for the team (editorial charter, graphics, rules on your internal processes, etc …).

The documents in the “reference documents” tab that were present in your dashboard were transferred to the wiki in the form of pages.

A short demonstration video 👇

Manage your content in a tree structure in your channels

Some of your channels represent websites and the notion of “hierarchy” between channels that we have had until now was not ideal to allow you to easily manipulate and build the information architecture you wanted.

Channels now have a “tree structure” tab where you can create folders, drag and drop your content and re-create your sitemap faithfully.

This tree structure can be filtered like a classic list to give you, at a glance and in context, the elements of the site to validate or publish.

And another short demonstration video 👇

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App screenshot