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Modify your documents collectively, control versions history, have them validated in one click

Real-time collaboration.

In order to no longer have existing documents in different versions in several hands, you need to be able to modify the same one simultaneously.

When other team members modify the same document you are working on you can see their modifications in real time.

Our so-called "presence" feature informs you who is present with you on the same document. You can see their changes instantly.

Full version history

Browse through the complete history of a document, analyse each change.

You can review each step or restore an old version if the most recent ones are not suitable for you.

The major advantage: you no longer waste time looking for the most up-to-date version, it’s there.

A complete version history. The whole team has access to the most recent version at a glance.

Compare versions.

In a few seconds you can see what has changed between two versions.

Even a letter on a document of dozens of pages. Sometimes this is very important.

Spot the differences at a glance

Build your content templates

Manage the production of your contributors with forms specially adapted to your constraints (cms, mobile application): character limits, email, repeatable fields, etc.

It is important to take into account the qualification of your content as early as possible in the production and validation process.

Build the forms you want from our field library

Have as many people validate as necessary

Share each document in a few seconds with your contacts outside Pilot so that they can validate and modify the document.

You no longer have to manage back and forth Word files or tedious merging of modifications.

In a few clicks share the document for validation

Mentions are more valuable than emails!

The life of a document, the decisions that are made, the validations, all this information is lost in your mailboxes. It’s important to gather them in a comment flow accessible to the whole team to allow you to understand its history quickly.

Build the forms you want from our field library

Annotate to explain precisely

Sometimes comments are not enough to exchange on parts of a document and an annotation with comments is much more effective.

Mention your contacts in an annotation comment and they will be directed to that particular place to reply.

Annotate each word or phrase and discuss with the team about that particular portion of text.

Because the exchanges do not stop at the validation of a document on the background, we also offer the possibility to version and annotate the images or PDFs of your posters or magazine mock-ups.

Manage PDF document versions and annotations

Qualify your documents at a glance

Is this document valid according to the established model?

Identify these validation errors as soon as possible before publication so that you do not waste time redoing a whole validation process the day before sending it to the printer.

Qualify your documents and check their validation

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