Editorial projects

Easily share content, files and tasks. Significantly reduce your production time and costs.

In classic project management tools you only manage tasks. With Pilot, we also offer you the possibility of directly managing the content to be produced with our advanced editor.

Within a project you will note and qualify all the information needed by the team without having to repeat it endlessly from meeting to meeting.

Video presentation of a project - 2mn

All contents in one place

What would an editorial project be without its contents? Not much.

So we designed Pilot to be a collaborative writing tool as well, so that you can do everything without changing applications.

No more juggling between Asana and Google Docs, everything is planned.

Sharing large files: No more WeTransfer.

An editorial project, often (very often), involves the use of high definition (and therefore heavy) images or videos that will be used by the layout artist or your community manager.

Handling and sharing these elements is often very complicated, especially with professional e-mails that do not always allow too large attachments.

With Pilot you can add as many files as you want without any weight limit.

Save hours of work by having a project validated in one click.

Before you had to send several emails, with several Word files, to several people. They were returned to you modified, you had to compare them all to find the differences and merge the changes. And always with the fear that a typo might have been introduced into the process!

Now just click on “Share” and tick the box “Allow my contact to modify the documents”.

Less than 10 seconds in total.

Send all content to a contact for validation

Discuss together, make decisions quickly

It’s better to be all together in one place to make the right decisions quickly.

Comments and their acknowledgements allow you to have these effective exchanges without having to manage who to put in the loop or worry about whether someone else got the information. It’s all there.

Use the mentions to notify a person, a team ... or everyone!

Duplicate and modify to optimise your budgets

Do you often repeat certain projects? For recurring events for example?

And have you ever had to re-produce content because you couldn’t find the originals or because you no longer work with the agency that designed it?

Duplicate last year’s project, change what needs to be changed, and do something else with the budget savings.

Choose exactly what you want to duplicate

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