An editorial workflow to guide the team

Create a clear production path for everyone, from draft to "ready to publish."

The term flow (“flow”) refers to the passage of the product, document, information, etc., from one stage to another".

A workflow that’s easy to create and modify, just like in “real life”.

Each team has its own steps to take content from “idea” to “ready to publish”.

Mandatory or optional stages, stages not to be forgotten, all these “desks” on which the copy must land to be reread, corrected, translated, validated before being presented to the public.

You can build a workflow adapted to your context

Our philosophy: the tool adapts to your context and not the other way round.

We have chosen to offer a tool that allows you to easily create and modify your production process.

Moreover, our system “informs” instead of “imposes”. We inform the team about the stage the content is in but nothing more, no strong constraints, no specific limitations in a given state.

Because things change too quickly and often, that the person who has to validate one day and no doubt different according to certain contents the next day.

Let’s keep it simple and trust the team.

Tasks and steps

We have chosen to clearly separate the two notions. On the one hand there are the tasks to be done and on the other hand the stages in which the content is found.

All the tasks that need to be carried out

But when a task is completed we remind you to change this step to move forward in the process.

This is not mandatory, it may be that many tasks need to be completed before moving on to the next step: it’s up to you to decide.

A task is finished and you may need to think about modifying the step.

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