Thread Twitter, how to produce it and have it validated by your customers?

Create, version and validate your Twitter threads with your customers

The limit of 280 characters per tweet can be blocking when you need to develop an idea. To remedy this, Twitter allows you to post a succession of tweets linked to each other, which appear in the form of a discussion: threads.

With Pilot, you can create a Twitter thread by customising the properties of this type of content. Follow the guide!

Go to the application settings, section Content types.

Here, several possibilities are open to you :

  • Create a new content type especially dedicated to twitter threads (click on “Add a content type”)

  • Modify the content type “Tweet “, which will then allow you to produce one or more tweets directly from this type of content. (Click on “modify”)

For this tutorial we have chosen the second option. You may have decided to create a new type of content first. The following steps are identical.

Customising the properties of the Twitter content type 

By clicking on “modify”, this is what you will get :

In the lower part are the existing fields. You can add a new one (e.g. a media field, if you want to produce a tweet with an associated photo or video), or modify an existing field.

We will modify the “content “ field, and activate the option “can be repeated “.

Click on “Validate”.

Finally go to the “Contents” section, and create a Tweet.

Let’s see what it looks like:

Twitter Thread Pilot.gif

As for all other content, you can change the status of the workflow according to its production status (“to be validated”, “to be published” etc…) before sharing it :

Change the status of the content .png

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App screenshot