Examples :

  • One or more Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin accounts etc….
  • A speech
  • An event
  • An internal magazine
  • An information leaflet
  • A newsletter
  • An institutional site (and/or its subset: HR, news, ..)
  • ..

Each channel has one or more publication managers (webmaster, community manager, printer, etc.).

Pilot is not a publishing and formatting tool like InDesign or Hootsuite can be. We only manage the production, validation of the raw content. It is up to the channel managers to publish these materials from validated sources.

The channels as we propose them allow you to classify your contents to be able to easily retrovert them after years of production and to find, for example, what produced, for such channel and for such target in 2015.

Information architecture

Note that the channels can be hierarchized like a site map in order to adapt as closely as possible to your information architecture on your various digital media (Internet, Intranet, mobile applications)

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