Frequently asked questions

What problem solves Pilot?

The disorganization, loss of time and inefficiency caused by the inadequacy of everyday tools (Word, Excel, Googles Docs, ..) to cope with the growing complexity of the communication and marketing professions (and content production in general).

What approach was chosen to solve this problem?

The same as the one adopted by developers to produce code in teams: centralization of documents in a single tool, management of versions of these documents, division of tasks among team members.

We assume that there are no conceptual differences between communication assets (articles ..) and the source code of an application. Identical complexity, equally important stakes and the need to be equipped with adapted tools.

I need more than 30 days for my test period, is that possible?

Of course, all you have to do is write to us at and we will gladly add extra time for you to try it out.

Do I have to pay anything before the test phase?

Absolutely nothing, we ask you nothing, no credit card or bank information. You test freely with your team.

My contents on the platform remain my property?

Of course, it’s insured by contract. You can export them whenever you want from the platform.